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Four Websites For Tennessee Residents That Want To Go Green

Tennessee isn’t the first state that springs to mind when people think about places where citizens are embracing going green.   Tennessee may not be the top state in environmental rankings, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t eco-conscious citizens in the Volunteer State.   There are plenty of green homes in Tennessee and citizens that are doing their best to live environmentally friendly lifestyles.   If you’re interested in learning more about the environment, these websites are excellent sources of information for Tennessee residents that want to do their part in making the world a cleaner and greener place to live. Greener Nashville Greener Nashville is the perfect website for middle Tennessee residents that want start to learn the basics of living greener lives.   Greener Nashville was started in 2007 by a variety of local businesses to help residents live greener and healthier lives.   The site has links to local environmental bloggers, green news, information

The Five Best Places To Live In Tennessee

There are over six million people living in Tennessee, and a percentage of that population is thinking about relocating to somewhere else in the Volunteer State.   Finding a home to fit your needs isn’t too difficult.   Whether you’re looking for mobile homes, green homes, mansions, or modular homes in TN there will always be something to suit your tastes.   Some people think that finding a home to live in is easy, but that deciding on an area to live in is the hard part.   When you live in a state where you can live life in the big city or enjoy the quiet peace of the country, finding a new area can be a tough choice.   The website takes information on towns and counties from around the country and rates each community based on seven standards: nearby amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing, and weather.   They can give you information on almost every town in the state of Tennessee, and the site named these five cities and tow

Three Reasons Why You Need A Solar Powered Home

It seems like solar power has been in the news a lot in the great state of Tennessee.   The U.S. Department of Energy recently awarded Tennessee $5 million as a part of the department’s SunShot Initiative, so there are bound to be more residents in the Volunteer State that are ready to use solar power.   Solar homes in Tennessee are about to become a lot more common, but there are still some residents that are on the fence about whether or not they should own a green solar powered home.   If you aren’t convinced that solar power is in your home owning future, these reasons may be able to sway you. Reduce your carbon footprint A lot of people are aware of the important environmental issues humanity faces, but they’re at a loss at what they can personally do to help.   You may not think that your personal actions can help the environment, but buying a solar home can do more good for the environment than you can imagine.   The average American household generates 7.4 tons

Home Building Trends Show America’s Growing Desire For Energy Efficient Homes

When you’re considering buying a home, what features and attributes matter the most to you?   Do you want a home with multiple stories, or possibly one with an in-ground pool in the backyard?   Are you more concerned about finding a home that’s close to your job, or finding a home that’s closer to a major city? Home buying trends come and go, but there’s one current trend that’s surprising realtors and delighting environmentalists.   It looks like American home builders have been busy building energy efficient homes because of the demands of their customers.   The National Association of Home Builders survey studied home buying trends and preferences, and energy efficiency topped the list this year.   Survey data indicates that a whopping 94% of home buyers want Energy Star rated appliances, 91% want an Energy Star rating for their home, and 89% want energy star rated windows.   Future home owners that want to live in an energy efficient home, but can’t afford to have

Three Simple Tips For Truly Going Green In Tennessee

If you own one of the many green homes in Tennessee , you’re probably convinced that live a completely environmentally friendly lifestyle.   Your home may have energy efficient windows and use alternative energy sources for power, but that doesn’t mean that you’re living the greenest lifestyle you can have.   The Energy Information Administration did a study on energy efficient homes and energy usage , and their study showed that even though many modern American homes are built with environmentally friendly features, many homeowners still consume a significant amount of energy and live environmentally unfriendly lifestyles.   Living in a green home does help the environment, but living a green lifestyle does require a little more work.   Adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, there are some simple things you and your family can do to truly go green. Watch what you eat Food sustainably is an issue that many environmentalists are concerned about