The Five Best Places To Live In Tennessee

There are over six million people living in Tennessee, and a percentage of that population is thinking about relocating to somewhere else in the Volunteer State.  Finding a home to fit your needs isn’t too difficult.  Whether you’re looking for mobile homes, green homes, mansions, or modular homes in TN there will always be something to suit your tastes.  Some people think that finding a home to live in is easy, but that deciding on an area to live in is the hard part. 

When you live in a state where you can live life in the big city or enjoy the quiet peace of the country, finding a new area can be a tough choice.  The website takes information on towns and counties from around the country and rates each community based on seven standards: nearby amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing, and weather.  They can give you information on almost every town in the state of Tennessee, and the site named these five cities and towns as the best places to live in the state.  If you’re having trouble deciding on where you’d like to live in Tennessee, their list may be able to make your decision a bit easier.

Belle Meade is a city in Davidson County, and they snagged the number one spot on Area Vibes list for Tennessee.  Belle Meade gets its name from the infamous Belle Meade Plantation, a sprawling 5,300 acre plot of land that was sold off in in 1904 and divided up for residential development.  The city has seen its fair share of bright and talent residents, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, and Al Gore once called the town home.  The city earned the top spot because of its stable housing market, high income levels, low crime rates, and gorgeous weather.

Collierville is a town located in Shelby County, and despite being minutes away from Memphis, this upscale area has managed to retain much of its “old town” charm.  Collierville is considered a part of the Memphis metropolitan area, but it’s famous for still being an insular community since the residents are friendly and look out for one another.  Collierville is number two on Area Vibes’ list, and it was chosen because of its high amount of local amenities, high income, stable housing market, and high graduation rates.

Like Collierville, Germantown is considered a suburb of Memphis and is located in Shelby County.  The city has had a variety of names since it was settled in 1825.  In the past it was called Pea Ridge and Neshoba, but eventually the name Germantown stuck because of the city’s large population of German immigrants.  The city seems to breed athletes.   NBA players, professional golfers, NFL players, and even NASCAR drivers have called the city home.  Germantown is number three on Area Vibes’ list, and was chosen because of its low crime rates, stable housing market, high income, and high graduation rates.

Franklin is a city in Williamson County and is considered a suburb of Nashville.  If you want to live in a small city that knows how to have a good time, Franklin is the city for you.  Their annual Main Street Festival, Pumpkinfest, and Wine Down Main Street event brings in people from around the state.  Its close proximity to Nashville may explain why so many musicians have lived in Franklin.  Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, Lee Greenwood, Kings of Leon, and Paramore all called the town home at one point.  Franklin is number four on Area Vibes’ Tennessee list, and earned the spot for its low crime rates, stable housing market, high amount of local amenities, and high graduation rates.

Nolensville was founded in 1797 when William Nolen and his family encountered a transportation problem.  Their wagon wheel broke when they were passing through the area, and when William noticed the rich soil and numerous natural resources he decided to make the area his home.   Nolensville is perfect example of a small town.  With a population of less than 6000 people and a tightly knit community, Nolensville embodies the small town atmosphere that many people dream of.  Nolensville is number five on Area Vibes’ list, and was chosen because of its good housing market, high income levels, high graduation rates, and low crime rates.


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