Three Simple Tips For Truly Going Green In Tennessee

If you own one of the many green homes in Tennessee, you’re probably convinced that live a completely environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Your home may have energy efficient windows and use alternative energy sources for power, but that doesn’t mean that you’re living the greenest lifestyle you can have.  The Energy Information Administration did a study on energy efficient homes and energy usage, and their study showed that even though many modern American homes are built with environmentally friendly features, many homeowners still consume a significant amount of energy and live environmentally unfriendly lifestyles.  Living in a green home does help the environment, but living a green lifestyle does require a little more work.  Adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, there are some simple things you and your family can do to truly go green.

Watch what you eat

Food sustainably is an issue that many environmentalists are concerned about.  Much of the food we eat has been shipped thousands of miles to get to your local supermarket, and a significant amount of pesticides, growth hormones, and fertilizer helped grow them.  If you want to start going green, one of the first places you can make changes is in your fridge.  Instead of making a trip to the nearest chain grocery store, visit a local farmers market so you can eat locally and sustainably grown fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy.  When you need to go to your local grocery store, look for products contained in bio-degradable packaging.  

Reduce your car usage

If you live in a city public transportation or a bicycle could easily replace your car.  But if you’re in some of the more rural areas of Tennessee, public transit and cycling may not an efficient way for your to commute to work and to get around.  If you want to spend less time on the road in your car, think about starting a carpool with your employees and friends.  Look for co-workers that live close by and see if you can carpool to work.  If you drive your kids to school, see if other local parents are willing to swap driving duties certain days.  If you choose to carpool, you won’t just be reducing the emissions from your car, you’ll also be helping the people you’re switching driving duties with reduce their own pollution emissions.

Think about your pet

Your beloved dog or cat is a part of your family, and a few small changes to their lifestyle could help you live a greener life.  Instead of using plastic bags to clean up after your dog, look for special bio-degradable bags that won’t take up space in landfills and cause a lot of pollution.  Consider buying collars, leashes, pet beds, and pet toys that are made from recycled material.  These products aren’t just good for the environment; they can also be less expensive than regular products.  If you have a cat that likes to go outdoors, you should try to keep them inside more.  Cats don’t cause a lot of pollution, but your little hunter could be causing problems for local wildlife.  


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