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The Ultimate Power:Why We Use Geothermal Energy to Heat and Cool your CustomSmart Home

Throughout human history people have been able to find energy sources in amazing ways, and many of today's popular energy sources have been in use for thousands of years. Wind power and passive solar building designs have been in use for thousands of years, and we've improved the efficiency of these energy generation systems with wind turbines, solar cells, and other forms of technology.   Today many energy efficient homes use a combination of eco-friendly technologies.   Some choose to use a combination of solar and wind power, but at CustomSmart Homes we use solar power and geothermal energy in order to provide our customers the most energy efficient homes possible.   Some people may wonder why we choose to use geothermal energy instead of other options.   After you learn about the benefits of using geothermal energy, you'll wonder why other builders haven't utilized this technology in their buildings. The Benefits of Geothermal Energy Geothermal e

Making the Cut: Energy Star Home Qualifications

Some people say that it isn't easy being green, but with all of the advances in environmentally friendly technology green living is easier now that it ever was before.   There are many different ways people can live an eco-friendly lifestyle, but many people choose to show their love for the environment by living in homes that have been specially built to meet certain environmental standards.   Energy Star homes have become popular over the past few years because of the high demand for energy efficient and sustainable homes and buildings.   Energy Star is the ultimate authority in environmentally friendly products and buildings.   The program is so efficient that Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and the entire European Union now use the program for their environmentally friendly products.   CustomSmart Homes is committed to building 100% Energy Star certified homes, and earning an Energy Star label isn't easy.   Homes that get an Energy Star certification go thro

Build your Tennessee Home the Modern Way

Though this may not have been true a few decades ago, it most definitely is today: we need to start thinking about the environment and the size of our carbon footprint. There are many ways to do this, ranging from simply turning off the water as you brush your teeth to completely revamping your business model if you're an entrepreneur. Recently, though, a new option has popped up: modular homes! If you've been thinking about moving, you might want to consider getting a green home built from scratch to suit your needs.   Especially if you're in Tennessee, this is a great option – the industry of green homes is on the rise, and with companies like CustomSmart Homes, you can't go wrong. They're Customizable! If you're looking for a new home, chances are, no house will perfectly suit your needs. That is, unless it's custom-built based on what you're looking for. Building a modular home through a company like CustomSmart Homes is a great way to mak