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CustomSmart Homes a modular home builder in East Tennessee is a proud partner with Holston Habitat for Humanity.

East Tennessee's custom modular home builder, CustomSmart Homes partnered with Holston Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a family in desperate need. CustomSmart Homes assisted with the floor plan design, modular home construction, and made a generous contribution to help make the project possible.  The project was a success! This new family not only has a new home but decided to have their wedding  ceremony  prior to moving in. CustomSmart Homes and Holston Habitat for  Humanity  are proud help provide  an immense amount of joy and peace of mind to a family that was dealing with the stresses of poor living conditions as well as debilitating medical issues.  T 

President of CustomSmart Homes receives Leaders in Christian Service Award

Bill Lizzio, President and CEO of CustomSmart Homes, a modular home builder in East Tennessee, has been recognized for his outstanding service in the Christian community with the Leaders in Christian Service Award from Milligan College. This award is given to select individuals who demonstrate stewardship throughout their professional and personal careers to advance the cause of Christ.  As a prominent Christian business leader in East Tennessee Bill Lizzio has dedicated his life to bringing not only his business but others closer to God.  With over 20 years of active involvement at First Christian Church, he is also a leader and founding of member of Trail Life USA, whose mission is,”   to guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure .” CustomSmart Homes is proud to have such a great leader at the helm. 

The Best Warranty in the Business

So you are thinking about building a new home.  You have done your research and know building a modular home is the best choice.   You know your budget, plan, and builder.   But what happens after your home is completed and an issue arises?   Don't panic, if you picked CustomSmart Homes as your builder, you have peace of mind. CustomSmart Homes has an outstanding warranty program.             15 year warranty on Superior Wall Basements 10 year structural warranty on your home 10 year limited warranty on the Heating & Cooling System               2 year mechanical warranty: Plumbing, Electrical, Duct work               1 year cosmetics, workmanship, and material defects warranty CustomSmart Homes also implements 2 automatic service calls, the first one is 60 days upon completion of your home, and the second one is at the end of your one year warranty period. These calls are designed to address any non-emergency issues that may arise in your home.
Should I install a solar array?   What if your home could generate all the electricity you need and consume?  Could you imagine never paying an electric bill again or having the electric company pay you for the electricity your home produces?  CustomSmart Homes knows exactly how to make this a reality for you today! CustomSmart Homes is leading East Tennessee towards energy independence. Not only does CustomSmart Homes build high quality modular homes, they also have the expertise to design and build your very own energy producing solar array. The solar panels can be installed on your home's roof or a free standing ground mounted array. Yes, when adding a solar array to your home it will cost more on the front end. But if you consider the solar array as a long term investment, it's one that make good sense. The typical solar array will completely pay for itself in 10 years. The typical return on investment is 7% annually! From the moment your solar array is turned
Custom Modular Homes If you are looking to build a new modular home in East Tennessee, CustomSmart Homes is the premier modular home builder serving the following counties: Washington County, TN, Sullivan County, TN, Johnson County, TN, Greene County, TN, Hawkins County, TN, Carter County, TN. CustomSmart Homes also serves counties outside these areas on an individual project basis. CustomSmart Homes is the most experienced modular home builder in East Tennessee. To review current and past modular home projects click here to view our project photos page. When selecting a modular home builder make sure to select a company whose principals and values parallel your own.  CustomSmart Homes' operating  philosophy  is simple: CustomSmart Homes Mission : To Build Smarter CustomSmart Homes Vision: To be the region’s premier custom builder known for constructing homes of exceptional beauty, quality and value, and making the building process simple, fast, and enj