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The Surprising History of Modular Construction

Modular homes aren't a new form of construction, but lately builders and home owners are making this construction style very popular.   There's a reason why CustomSmart Homes chooses to build Nationwide modular homes for our customers.   Modular construction is efficient and inexpensive, and it gives our clients a unique way to design their homes.   A lot of people know about the efficiency of these homes, but there aren't too many people who know about the history of making modular homes. Origins In order to understand the history of modular homes you need to know about another popular home style: kit homes.   Kit housing could be considered the predecessor of modular homes.   Modular homes are built in sections at a factory and shipped to the building site for assembly, but kit homes were literally shipped piece by piece to customers.   Customers who ordered kit homes would receive every piece of material they need to build pre measured, cut, in order to m