Three Reasons Why You Need A Solar Powered Home

It seems like solar power has been in the news a lot in the great state of Tennessee.  The U.S. Department of Energy recently awarded Tennessee $5 million as a part of the department’s SunShot Initiative, so there are bound to be more residents in the Volunteer State that are ready to use solar power.  Solar homes in Tennessee are about to become a lot more common, but there are still some residents that are on the fence about whether or not they should own a green solar powered home.  If you aren’t convinced that solar power is in your home owning future, these reasons may be able to sway you.

Reduce your carbon footprint

A lot of people are aware of the important environmental issues humanity faces, but they’re at a loss at what they can personally do to help.  You may not think that your personal actions can help the environment, but buying a solar home can do more good for the environment than you can imagine.  The average American household generates 7.4 tons of carbon dioxide each year through their electrical use.  You obviously can’t stop using electricity, but you could use it when it’s generated from a sustainable source.  Solar homes can generate a lot of electricity, and all without needed to burn coal or use other energy generation methods that can harm the environment.

Increase the value of your home

What do you think makes homes valuable?  There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration when the time comes to determine a home’s value, but if you have an energy efficient home you’re almost guaranteed to have a very valuable home.   The National Association of Home Builders survey studied home buying trends and preferences, and energy efficiency topped the list this year.  People want well-built energy efficient homes, and they’re willing to pay top dollar to live in one.  If you decide to sell your solar powered home in a few years, you’ll be able to find a lot of interested potential buyers.

Save money

How much do you pay for your utility bills every month?  Even if you think that your utility costs are very affordable, you can still benefit from owning a solar home.  Owning a solar home will dramatically decrease your utility costs, and could save you thousands in electricity and gas costs every year.  You won’t have to worry about the rising costs of utilities in the state, the solar power your home generates will be enough to protect you from dramatic cost increases. 


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