Should I install a solar array?  

What if your home could generate all the electricity you need and consume?  Could you imagine never paying an electric bill again or having the electric company pay you for the electricity your home produces?  CustomSmart Homes knows exactly how to make this a reality for you today!

CustomSmart Homes is leading East Tennessee towards energy independence. Not only does CustomSmart Homes build high quality modular homes, they also have the expertise to design and build your very own energy producing solar array.

The solar panels can be installed on your home's roof or a free standing ground mounted array.

Yes, when adding a solar array to your home it will cost more on the front end. But if you consider the solar array as a long term investment, it's one that make good sense.

The typical solar array will completely pay for itself in 10 years.

The typical return on investment is 7% annually!

From the moment your solar array is turned on, the TVA will buy the power that your array produces for 20 years at the retail rate of power. In the East Tennessee region, the current retail rate is 10 cents per Kilowatt Hour (KWH).  Also available for a limited time, if you have a solar array installed in 2015, you will receive an additional 2 cent per KWH premium for the next 10 years!

There are several incentives currently available to help with the upfront costs of purchasing the system;

30% federal tax credit - hurry! This credit is set to expire at the end of  2016.

$1,000 from TVA to be applied towards construction cost of the solar array.

If you are ready to be energy independent and make an investment with above average returns, now is the time.  The current solar incentives are set to expire soon.  Call CustomSmart Homes now to consult with our leading experts!


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