Three Essential Tips For Building Energy Efficient Homes

Building a new home takes a lot of time, planning, and expertise, even when you're working on building Nationwide modular homes.  At CustomSmart Homes we take pride in being able to work together with our customers so that we can build them the energy efficient homes they've always dreamed of owning.  We've built an array of homes across the state, and each home building experience is unique.  We want our customers to be happy with the end result of our work, and in order to do so we make sure that their homes are built to suit their unique needs.  When you're designing your modular home, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Pick a Good Spot

Realtors live by the phrase "Location, location, location", and when you're planning your new home you need to live by the phrase as well.  When people think about where they want to move they usually only focus on finding somewhere that's close to their job or to their children's school, but those aren't the only factors that should affect your decision.  When you're planning your home, think about your ideal neighborhood.  Do you want to live somewhere that has a lot of families and playgrounds?  Or maybe somewhere that's within walking distance to a downtown area?  Once you take time to think about what you truly want in a home and neighborhood, you can pick a nice piece of land to build on.

Think of the Future

The home you're envisioning in your mind may be perfect for right now, but will it be the right home for your needs in five years?  Life is full of change, and home owners should take time to think about where the future could take them when they're designing their homes.  Are you planning on having more children?  If so you'll need to design a home that has enough room (and bedrooms) for your growing family.  Do you have aging parents and family members that you're close with?  If you do incorporating an extra room into your home design could be very beneficial in the future.

Plan Wisely

Putting your laundry room on the top floor may seem convenient, but it'll be more of nuisance than a godsend if you place the noisy machines in a room that shares a wall with the master bedroom.  You're designing your new home and it should be as comfortable and livable as possible.  When you're planning your home put rooms next to each other that make sense being close by one another (example, putting your kitchen on the same floor as your living room, grouping bedrooms close together, etc).


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